FMOS-COSMOS is a large near-infrared spectroscopic survey of star-forming galaxies and AGNs in the COSMOS field with the Fiber-Multi Object Spectrograph (FMOS) mounted on the Subaru Telescope.  The survey has been operating in both the low-resolution mode while simultaneously covering the J and H band spectral windows, and the high-resolution mode.  The latter has focused on the spectral windows 1.6-1.8 μm to detect Hα and [NII]λ6584 and 1.11-1.35 μm to detect Hβ and [OIII]λ5008.

This project is a collaboration between the Japanese astronomical community (two Subaru Intensive Programs; PI John Silverman), the University of Hawaii (PI Dave Sanders), and the larger COSMOS team, in particular, CEA - Saclay, the Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova and the Dipartmento di Fisica e Astrofisica Universita di Padova.

Principal team: John Silverman (Kavli IPMU), Dave Sanders (IfA), Nobuo Arimoto (NAOJ), Alvio Renzini (INAF), Jeyhan Kartaltepe (NOAO), Emanuele Daddi (Saclay), Daichi Kashino (Nagoya), Giulia Rodighiero (Univ. of Padova), Annagrazia Puglisi (Univ. of Padova), Stephanie Juneau (CEA-Saclay), Jason Chu (IfA), Simon Lilly (ETH-Zurich), Jabran Zahid (IfA), , Lisa Kewley (ANU), Tohru Nagao (Kyoto), Masato Onodera (ETH-Zurich), Guenther Hasinger (IfA), Naoshi Sugiyama (Nagoya), Kenta Matsuoka (Ehime), Malte Schramm (Kavli IPMU), Andreas Schulze (Kavli IPMU), Henry McCracken (IAP), Olivier Le Fevre (LAM), Olivier Ilbert (LAM)   




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