Welcome to Hidemasa Oda's Home Page

Born in Brighton, England in 1987.
Brought up in Kyoto.
Stayed in Sydney, Australia.
Majored in Mathematics at the University of Tokyo.
Enjoyed the academic life at Kavli IPMU.
Started the actuarial career at a life insurance company from 2013.

Hidemasa Oda, Elite Science Student Visit Abroad Program (ESSVAP), School of Sciences, the University of Tokyo, 2010
Hidemasa Oda, Kavli IPMU, the University of Tokyo, 2011-2013

Research Interests

The joint work with K. Saito and A.Takahashi: I studied the triangulated category of graded matrix factorizations for a simply elliptic singularity, which has the Gorenstein parameter ε= 0. The singularity admits a natural C^*-action so that the quotient is an elliptic curve. From a view point of mirror symmetry, it is natural to consider finite group extensions of the action so that the quotients are P^1-orbifolds. Then, the triangulated category of matrix factorizations equivariant with those group actions admit a Serre functor.
In my master thesis, I explicitly determined the matrix factorizations, which give the full strongly exceptional collections of the categories, which form elliptic Dynkin quivers associated with elliptic root systems. Therefore, the category is equivalent to the derived category of the representations of the elliptic Dynkin quiver.


  1. H. Oda, "Triangulated Categories of Matrix Factorizations for Elliptic Singularities", Master Thesis (Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, the University of Tokyo), 2013.


  1. "Triangulated Categories of Matrix Factorizations for Elliptic Singularities", MS-Seminar (Mathematics - String Theory), Kavli IPMU, Feb 12 2013.
  2. "Triangulated Categories of Matrix Factorizations for Elliptic Singularities", the small workshop in mirror symmetry , Chiba University, Feb 15 2013.


  1. Yuji Tachikawa
  2. Masahito Yamazaki
  3. Kohsaku Tobioka
  4. Keisuke Harigaya
  5. Takashi Moriya