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Welcome to my webpage. Here you will find more about my research and me.

I am currently a project researcher in the Kavli Insititute for the Mathematics and Physics of the Universe (IPMU), The University of Tokyo.

My major research is supernova physics by using my multi-dimensional hydrodynamics code.

I finished my PhD in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with the thesis titled "Dark-matter admixed Stellar Objects".



Basic information:

Name: Leung Shing Chi (—À¬Žu)

Birth: 15 Oct 1988 (Hong Kong)

Current affiliation: Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo

Current position: Project researcher


Research interest:

·       Supernova physics

o   Hydrodynamics

o   Nucleosynthesis

·       Computational Physics

o   Flame modelling

o   Sub-Grid Turbulence

·       Stellar Astrophysics

·       Dark matter astrophysics







 Me in Kameari, 2017

My research interest:

I am interested in the dynamical processes in stars. Currently, I do multi-dimensional hydrodynamics simulations of the supernova explosion using my multi-D hydrodynamics code, which I developed for my PhD thesis project. Then I calculate the nucleosynthesis yield. By comparing with observational data, I can

·       Predict the supernova progenitors

·       Constrain global properties of supernovae

·       Derive constraints on supernova physics


The current research covers the following classes of supernovae:

·       Type Ia supernova

·       Electron capture supernova

·       Core-collapse supernova (Jet-induced explosion)

·       Pulsation pair-instability supernova


Among all these supernovae, which explode for very different reasons, I am interested in how they contribute to the chemical diversity of the universe. Currently the sources of observational data come from

·       Supernova light curve and spectra (esp. Type Ia supernova)

·       Solar abundance

·       Well observed galactic clusters (e.g. Perseus clusters) and galaxies

·       Metal-poor stars (esp. CEMP stars)



Oval: Observations
Output: Supernova Light curve + spectra
Oval: Supernova modelling
Output: Explosion energetic + chemical abundance

Recent Publications and Preprints:

Updated at 16 April 2018




·       Shing-Chi Leung, Knefichi Nomoto & Tomoharu Suzuki

gNuclear Runaway of Oxygen-Neon-Magnesium White Dwarf as a Electron-Capture Supernova: Influence of Initial Conditions and Input Physics on the Collapseh,

2018, in preparations, 30 pages.


·       Shing-Chi Leung & Kenfichi Nomoto

gNucleosynthesis of Sub-Chandrasekhar mass Type-Ia Supernovae: Dependence on Model Parametersh,

2018, in preparations, 29 pages.


·       Shing-Chi Leung, Kenfichi Nomoto, Ming-Chung Chu & Sergei Blinnikov

gPulsational Pair-Instability Supernova I: Pre-Collapse Evolution and Pulsationh,

2018, in preparations, 17 pages.


·       Shing-Chi Leung, Sergei Blinnikov, Alexandre Kozlov, Koji Ishidoshiro, Ming-Chung Chu & Kenfichi Nomoto

gPulsational Pair-Instability Supernovae II: Prediction of Neutrino Signals During Pulsation and Their Applicationh

2018, in preparations, 15 pages.




·       Nomoto, Kenfichi & Leung, Shing-Chi

gSingle Degenerate Models for Type Ia Supernovae Progenitorfs Evolution and Nucleosythesis Yieldsh,

2018, accepted for publication in Space Science Review, 31 pages.


·       Sachiko, Tsuruta, Shing-Chi Leung & Kenfichi Nomoto

gThe Collapsar Model of Gamma Ray Burst Central Engineh,

2018, International Journal of Modern Physics D, 27, 1830004, 24 pages.


·       Ken'ichi Nomoto & Shing-Chi Leung:

"Electron capture supernovae of super-AGB stars"

2017, accepted for publication in Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 24 pages.




·       Shing-Chi Leung & Ken'ichi Nomoto:

"Explosive Nucleosynthesis in Near Chandrasekhar Mass White Dwarf for Type Ia Supernovae: Dependence on Model Parameters"

2017, accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal Supplement, 30 pages, arXiv:1710.04254.


·       Kenfichi Nomoto & Shing-Chi Leung:

"Handbook of Supernovae: Thermonuclear Explosions of Chandrasekhar Mass White Dwarfs"

2017, edited by Athem W. Alsabti and Paul Murdin, 39 pages, Springer.


·       Kenfichi Nomoto & Shing-Chi Leung:

gHandbook of Supernovae: Electron Capture Supernovae from Super Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars"

2017, edited by Athem W. Alsabti and Paul Murdin, 30 pages, Springer.




·       Shing-Chi Leung, Ming-Chung Chu & Lap-Ming Lin

"A new hydrodynamics code for Type Ia supernovae"

2015, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 454, 1238, 21 pages, arXiv:1507.08549.


·       Shing-Chi Leung, Ming-Chung Chu & Lap-Ming Lin

"Dark matter admixed Type Ia Supernovae"

2015, Astrophysical Journal, 812, 110, 10 pages, arXiv: 1509.09871.








Email: shingchi.leung@ipmu.jp


Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe

The University of Tokyo

5-1-5 Kashiwanoha

Kashiwa, 277-8583


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Updated at 16 April 2018

Developed at 14 November 2017