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Some small howtos for installation on Ubuntu


Plotting package mongo. I have made some changes to the source code so that the package compiles with ubuntu. Please read the README file. Let me know if you have problems with it.

Intel Fortran Compiler:

Register for noncommercial use on the Intel website

Download the intel compiler and ungzip it using tar -zxvf compiler_name.tar.gz

Use alien to extract a tar gz file. Do a sudo apt-get install alien and then alien --to-tgz ####.rpm replace #### with the correct rpm file in the Data directory.

Extract the gz file in the opt directory. It should create a /opt/intel directory.

Copy the license file to /opt/intel/fc/9.1.036/licenses. The version number may vary for your case.

edit the ifort and ifortvars.sh to replace installdir with /opt/intel/fc/9.1.036 .

edit the .bash_profile to add the path to the binary. export PATH=$PATH:/opt/intel/fc/9.1.036/bin

install g++ using sudo apt-get install build-essential

Set GCC_ROOT to the correct path of the gcc you have in your bash_profile. export GCC_ROOT=/usr/lib/gcc/(arch-linux-gnu/ver no)

Compile your first program

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