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Joint Pre-selection Scheme for the GSGC + Regular Course (enrollment in October, 2022)

for students interested in K. Hamaguchi, S. Hellerman, K. Hori, M. Ibe, S. Matsumoto, T. Moroi, H. Murayama and T. Watari.

--We have closed the application form for this joint selection for students enrolling in September 2022.--

The schedule for the joint selection process next year will be much the same as in the previous year. Details will be announced in this page in early October, 2022.

Until the end of summer 2022, individual faculty members listed below may not have a fixed calculation yet on vacancy of Ph.D. positions (capacity to take care of Ph.D. students) starting in autumn 2023, because the admission process for domestic students are still underway. Please come back in early October 2022 for the latest information.

Links to More Information

Koichi Hamaguchi (Theoretical Particle Physics; High-Energy Theory group, Department of Physics)

Simeon J. Hellerman (Theoretical Particle Physics; Kavli IPMU)

Kentaro Hori (Theoretical Particle Physics; Kavli IPMU)

Masahiro Ibe (Theoretical Particle Physics; Theory Division, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research)

Shigeki Matsumoto (Theoretical Particle Physics; Kavli IPMU)

Takeo Moroi (Theoretical Particle Physics; High-Energy Theory Group, Department of Physics)

Hitoshi Murayama (Physics, Kavli IPMU)

Taizan Watari (Theoretical Particle Physics; Kavli IPMU)

Joint Pre-selction Scheme

To Apply

The applicaiton period starts at some point in middle of October 2021, and ends at November 23 (Tue) 23:59 GMT.

Online Application Form (image)       for students enrolling in autumn 2023 is NOT ready yet.
(We use a server placed outside of the Univ. Tokyo. No concern for a phishing despite its URL).

To apply for this joint pre-selection, please fill in basic information in the Online Application Form above, and also upload three document files there. The three documents are a part of the documents required in the official selection process by the Graduate School of Science. The documents (8) and (9) for the pre-selection here do not have to be the same as the version to be submitted to the Graduate School of Science for the official selection process.

In the application form, you are asked to choose whether you wish to be considered for studnets in the GSGC, and/or in the regular course enrolling in September. You are also supposed to specify the order of preference for your thesis advisor among the faculty members joining this pre-selection scheme.

Once you complete filling in information and uploading files in the application form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us, which also includes further instructions on this pre-selection scheme. We recommend not to wait until the last moment of the application period.

We decline applications from those who took this joint-preselection process in 2019 or 2020.

November 27--28th (weekend), 2021

We require the applicants to have themselves available online for this pre-selection process during the following time period in the weekend of November 27--28th, 2021. If it is not possible to secure 5 hours and a half in this weekend, we must say sorry.

We will also contact the applicants on-line for more follow-ups after this weekend, before making our decisions.

More instruction will be provided after submitting the application documents.

Notification of the Result of This Pre-selection and the Next Step, the Official Selection

We will notify the result of this pre-selection no later than the end of December, 2021, to the individual applicants through e-mail. If the e-mail from us indicates that one of us is happy to take you as a graduate student, then you can proceed to the official selection by the Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo.

The application form of the official selection is HERE (GSGC), and HERE (regular course). You are required there to attach an evidence that one of the faculty members of the Physics Major Course is happy to take you as a graduate student. The e-mail from us is expected to be used also for that purpose.

The pre-selection process (like this one) and the official selection by the Graduate School of Science of the University of Tokyo should be regarded as two separate stages of the admission process. Although we require in this pre-selection some of the application documents that are required in the official selection, those application documents are not automatically forwarded for the official selection. You need to upload those files once again through the application form of the Graduate School of Science.