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updated in October, 2021.

Research Interests

    My research papers in the last several years are concerned about string duality, mathematics seen through the glasses of string theory, and particle-physics applications of string theory (non-perturbabtive aspects in hadron high-energy scattering, unified theory, and inflation).

    In the following, links are provided to (the abstracts and pdf copies of) some of my papers that reflect my taste in science well.

My recent research interests are in these subjects

  A series of papers under the theme of "Elementary Particle Physics after the Revolution of String Duality"

    my first paper: Proton Decay, Yukawa Couplings and Underlying Gauge Symmetry in String Theory (Feb/06)   with Radu Tatar
    on F-theory:
      New Aspects of Heterotic--F Theory Duality (May/08)   with Hirotaka Hayashi, Radu Tatar, Yukinobu Toda and Masahito Yamazaki
      Codimension-3 Singularities and Yukawa Couplings in F-theory (Jan/09)   with Hirotaka Hayashi, Teruhiko Kawano, Radu Tatar
    on the generation structure of elementary particles
      Right-handed Neutrinos in F-theory Compactifications   (May/09)   coauthor: Radu Tatar, Yoichi Tsuchiya
      Flavor Structure in F-theory Compactifications   (Oct/09)   coauthor: H. Hayashi, T. Kawano, Y.suchiya
    on the statistics of vacua of string theory: Statistics of Flux Vacua for Particle Physics   (June/15)

  A study of hadron high-energy scattering using holography

    Skewness Dependence of GPD, Conformal OPE and AdS/CFT Correspondence   (Aug/14)   coauthor: Ryoichi Nishio
    High-Energy Photon--Hadron Scattering in Holographic QCD   (May/11)   with Ryoichi Nishio

  Works with a little more mathematical taste

    On the Classification of Elliptic Fibrations modulo Isomorphism on K3 Surfaces with Large Picard Number   (Dec/13)   coauthor: Andreas Braun and Yusuke Kimura
    The Vertical, the horizontal and the rest:--anatomy of the middle cohomology of Calabi--Yau foufolds and F-theory applications--   (Aug/14)   with Andreas Braun

  On Inflation and Dark Energy

    Supergravity Analysis of Hybrid Inflation Model from D3--D7 System   (Nov/03)   coauthor: Fumikazu Koyama, Yuji Tachikawa@
    Density Perturbations and the Cosmological Constant from Inflationary Landscapes   (June/05)   coauthor: Brian Feldstein, Lawrence Hall
    Revisiting Arithmetic Solutions to the W=0 Condition   (May/17)   coauthor: Keita Kanno