Arithmetic, differential and geometry

October 31 -- November 1, 2013
Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University



This workshop is supported by JSPS Grant-in-Aid (B) 22340001.
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October 31: Room 209

13:20--13:30 Opening
13:30--14:30 Kazuaki MIYATANI
Hypergeometric functions over finite fields and some hypersurfaces
14:45--15:45 Jeng-Daw Yu
Irregular Hodge filtrations in higher dimensions
16:15--17:15 Takao YAMAZAKI
Reciprocity sheaves: towards non-homotopy invariant motive theory
Conference Dinner

November 1: Room 305

11:15--12:15 Tomoyuki ABE
On nearby cycle functor for arithmetic D-modules
13:30--14:30 Nobuo TSUZUKI
Singular fibers of the arithmetic families of hypergeometric Calabi-Yau varieties
14:45--15:45 Jeng-Daw Yu
Slopes for exponential sums on curves
16:15--17:15 Yasuhiro GOTO
Some arithmetic aspects of Calabi-Yau threefolds of Borcea-Voisin type


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