spires.app (for macOS) & inspire.app (for iOS)
What does it do?
Setting up: iOS
Go and get at the App Store.
Setting up: macOS
Please download the app, depending on your OS version: Then, please open the preferences pane by spires→Preferences, and set the directory for keeping PDFs.
If you don't, ~/Desktop is used by default. It will soon clutter your desktop into a mess, though.
If you already have PDFs named as 0808.0808.pdf or hep-th0123456.pdf, please move them into the directory you specified, or make symbolic links to them in it.
Instruction videos: part 1 part 2
Basic Usage
  1. Type in an old-style inspire query at the search box, such as
    t duality and a witten
    Here, 't' stands for the 'title', and 'a' stands for the 'author'.
  2. Hit the enter key / tap the search button.
  3. arXiv/new can be refreshed by clicking on it / tapping the reload button.
Query Syntax
BibTeX watcher (macOS)
PDF viewer (iOS)
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why is the Mac version of the app called spires.app?
A. The current inspire database is a successor to the previous SPIRES database, and this app has been in development before this transition.
Q. The Mac app keeps crashing since (some date). What should I do?
A. Try launching the app while pressing the option key. If this does not work, re-copy the database file from your backup just before (some date), say, using the Time Machine.
Q. Where's the database file?
A. It is kept in your ~/Library/Application Support/spires/. You can open this folder using Finder via the menu Go→Go to Folder... .
Q. What if I am not keeping the backup?
A. You should start keeping the backup today. Buy a hard drive, connect it to your Mac, and enable Time Machine.
Q. I'm using the app for a long time and it became very slow. Is there any way out?
A. spires→Clean up database... might help, but your milage might vary.
Extra Info
Data harvested
Known Problems
Many. If you have any specific bug reports or comments, please contact the author via spires→Send Bug Reports (spires.app on Mac), or menu→write to yuji (inspire.app on iOS).
Source code
It's available at GitHub.
Privacy policy
This app does not collect any of your personal data and send it to the developer.