2.0.7 (Feb/3/2022)
A serious bug was fixed, where the horizontal divider beween the article list and the article detail could be accidentally hidden behind the top toolbar. (Reported by M. Shigemori and P. Turkine)
The search bar can now be reached by typing ⌘-F (Requested by M. Shigenori) (Nov/17/2021)
An extremely stupid but visible bug introduced in 2.0.6 was fixed
2.0.6 (Nov/16/2021)
Minor visual tweaks for Big Sur and later
2.0.5 (Oct/24/2021)
Fixed a stupid but serious bug where the app refused to connect to the inspire web server, because old.inspirehep.net was finally discontinued last week. Thank you very much for everyone who reported the issue.
2.0.4 (Jan/25/2021)
Reordered toolbar icons on Big Sur; a small bug fix reported by Suzuki-kun.
2.0.3 (Nov/30/2020)
It is now compiled also for Apple Silicon, although I do not have it yet. If you are an Apple Silicon user and find some problem, please do report it to me!
2.0.2 (Nov/23/2020)
You can drag & drop a PDF to the article info view to register it again. This basic feature was broken in 2.0.0 due to my code change to modernize the internals. I'd like to thank Nori Iizuka to catch it.
2.0.1 (Nov/12/2020)
You can copy & paste from the article info view again. This basic feature was broken in 2.0.0 due to a conflict of a latest change with a line of code remaining from 2009. I'd like to thank Boris Pioline to catch it.
2.0.0 (Nov/12/2020)
Minimal Big Sur support. The major version number increase from 1.9.9 to 2.0.0 does not mean anything significant, just as the jump from Catalina 10.15 to Big Sur 11 does not mean much.
1.9.9 (Nov/4/2020)
"refers to" should really work now, which stopped working since 1.9.6.
1.9.8 (Nov/1/2020)
Fixes a bug where trying to create a "playlist" in the sidebar caused a crash, introduced due to an ongoing rewrite to adapt to Big Sur.
1.9.7 (Oct/30/2020)
Fixes a major bug where "cited by" and "refers to" of pre-arxiv articles didn't work. I don't know when this bug was introduced; most probably it was in the 1.9.0 rewrite in June 2020.
1.9.6 (Oct/19/2020)
Fixes a bug introduced in 1.9.5, where you couldn't get new bibtex entries.
1.9.5 (Oct/18/2020)
The cancel button is finally back! Just click 🅧 in the blinking message bubble in the bottom-right corner. As I'm making many internal changes, things which used to work might be broken. Please do not hesitate to write to me if you find something.
1.9.4 (August/26/2020)
Fixes another major bug introduced by the rewrite: "cited by" with more than 50 papers wasn't working. Sad!
1.9.3 (July/5/2020)
Fixes another minor bug introduced by the rewrite: old papers not on the arXiv should now be sorted more appropriately.
1.9.2 (June/23/2020)
Fixes another major bug introduced by the rewrite: Looking up citations of a paper should work more reliably. I'm sorry for the messes.
1.9.1 (June/22/2020)
Fixes a major bug introduced by the rewrite: Looking up references of a paper should work again.
1.9.0 (June/17/2020)
The internal is modified so that this app continues to work with the new inspire hep webpage and api. There might be new bugs introduced by this change. If you find any, please do not hesitate to write to Yuji.
1.8.8 (May/10/2020)
Bib manager now recognizes \cite[...]{...}; the context menu should show up correctly in Catalina; the latest version now runs on 10.10 and later.
1.8.7 (Mar/26/2020)
Minimal change for the upcoming inspirehep.net update, contributed by Micha Moskovic
1.8.6 (Aug/25/2019)
Preparing for macOS Catalina 10.15.
1.8.5 (Apr/22/2019)
Updated the Sparkle updater.
1.8.4 (Dec/22/2018)
Minor bug fixes. Hopefully the app crashes less often.
1.8.3 (Oct/28/2018)
The app no longer uses arXiv mirror servers + a couple of minor bug fixes.
1.8.2 (Sep/20/2018)
Mojave's dark mode support in v1.8.1 was broken. It's hopefully fixed now.
1.8.1 (Sep/14/2018)
Mojave support and minor bug fixes.
1.8.0 (Aug/21/2018)
Syncs the content of the sidebar over iCloud Drive.
1.7.5 (Aug/22/2017)
Fixes for several minor bugs, reported by Boris Pioline and Tyler Corbett.
1.7.4 (Aug/19/2017)
Updated the updater; fixed a bug reported by Markus Cristinziani; implemented the clean database feature requested by Boris Pioline.
1.7.3 (May/2/2017)
Fixed a bug reported by Sav Sethi.
1.7.2 (Feb/10/2017)
Fixed a bug reported by odakin san.
1.7.1 (Nov/20/2016)
Small maintenance release for macOS sierra 10.12, to cope with that App Translocation thing.
1.7.0 (Sep/22/2016)
Maintenance release for macOS sierra 10.12.
1.6.7 (Sep/13/2015)
Fixed a crashing bug. This, hopefully, the final version for 10.10 Yosemite ...
1.6.6 (Sep/10/2015)
Overhauling the internals. This is really the final version for 10.10 Yosemite. Please do update to 10.11 El Capitan when it becomes available, to continue using my app.
1.6.5 (*/*/2015)
Overhauling the internals. Never made public.
1.6.4 (Aug/4/2015)
Overhauled the internals. Please report any bugs that might be introduced in the process! This will be the last release for Yosemite.
1.6.3 (May/5/2015)
Increased the maximum number of "arXiv/recents" to 999. Many thanks to Ben Gripaios for the suggestion!
1.6.2 (Apr/29/2015)
Fixed a bug introduced in 1.6.1. Internals are somewhat rewritten to better isolate object accesses from different threads. Hopefully it leads to less crashes.
1.6.1 (Mar/15/2015)
Supports multiple bib files of the form \bibliography{first,second,third}. New entries are written to first.bib. If you didn't know about the bib file management feature of this app, please go to the webpage and have a look at the third video!
1.6.0 (Jan/6/2015)
The previous update was not enough to cope with the new identifiers, due to the stupid reason that 20150100001 > 231. Changed internals to 64 bits.
1.5.9 (Dec/10/2014)
Updated the internals to cope with the new 1501.nnnnn identifiers; more fixes of bugs reported by Flip.
1.5.8 (May/29/2014)
A bug fix in the bibtex key generation, thanks to Flip Tanedo.
1.5.7 (Dec/17/2013)
Small change to make the app stabler on Mavericks.
1.5.6 (Nov/25/2013)
Abstracts of old articles from Springer and Elsevier are again acquired automatically. Removed invisible animation to reduce energy consumption.
1.5.5 (Oct/23/2013)
Small update before OS X 10.9 Marvericks. Apple announced Marvericks is free, so you're encouraged to update!
1.5.4 (Oct/19/2013)
The app now looks better on laptops with higher-density (retina) displays.
1.5.3 (Oct/11/2013)
More bug fixes. My thanks go to Tomer and Luca for reporting them. Shift-return and reloading data from the inspire web server should now work more reliably. It should work on 10.9 Mavericks too.
1.5.2 (Sep/10/2013)
Bug fixes for 1.5.1. My sincere thanks go to Jure, Kin-ya, Micha, and as always, Ryo. Dear friends, please do tell me any bugs you found. That would save a lot of your colleagues' time eventually!
1.5.1 (Sep/7/2013)
Removed the live search feature, because it was too slow when the database file became ~100Mbytes. Other small changes. The internals are being renovated.
1.5.0 (Aug/28/2013)
Beta version distributed among several people, to prepare for 1.5.1.
1.4.9 (May/22/2012)
Bug fixes for the bibliography fetcher, due to the closure of the original SPIRES website. (thanks to Joe Minahan for reporting.)
1.4.8 (May/6/2012)
Small bug fixes (thanks to Geoffrey.) Now signed correctly so it should work on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
1.4.7 (Nov/13/2011)
Small bug fixes. Removed the options to use the spires server backend.
1.4.6 (Aug/17/2011)
Update server is moved to IPMU.
1.4.5 (Jul/19/2011)
Fixed a bug which prevents launching the app on Lion when the database is big.
Please install this before upgrading to Lion!
1.4.4 (Jun/28/2011)
Small bug fixes; Final release before Lion.
1.4.3 (Jun/12/2011)
Small bug fixes and small changes as a prepartion for Lion.
1.4.2 (May/1/2011)
Bug fixes. Arxiv reload buttons are slightly moved, as a precaution to transition to Lion. I'm sorry for the change, but please get used to it.
1.4.1 (Apr/15/2011)
Bug fixes.
1.4.0 (Apr/1/2011)
Now supports the Inspire database as the backend.
1.3.3 (Sep/6/2010)
One bug fix so that you can read today's hep-th. Stricly speaking, the bug is on the arxiv server: the XHTML file it serves states it uses UTF8, but in reality the abstract of an entry was in Latin-1. This confused my app. Alas. (Sep/7: the admin of the arxiv corrected the database itself, so the version 1.3.2 will work. But you're encouraged to update it anyway.)
1.3.2 (Aug/31/2010)
Many small bug fixes. Incorporates the better pseudo-TeX'ing code by Suzuki-kun. Includes a Safari Extension.
1.3.1 (Mar/29/2010)
Fixed a stupid bug which prevented the app to look up & download old journal articles automatically. Thanks to N. Iizuka.
Please do report whatever inconvenience and/or a bug you found to me. Don't think it might bother me; I heartily welcome it. Your one email can improve the lives of ~100 other theorists!
1.3 (Feb/1/2010)
This update will again upgrade the database format and there is no going back. Massive speed improvements (thanks to Michele for ideas), UI polish (thanks to Ryo), etc. Please see the homepage for detailed info.
1.2.3 (Dec/9/2009)
A critical bug fix, surfaced due to the change in the APS website.
1.2.2 (Oct/31/2009)
Support for Int.J.Mod.Phys., Mod.Phys.Lett., and Prog.Theor.Phys. Other bug fixes.
1.2.1 (Sep/28/2009)
Cumulative small bug fixes.
1.2.0 (Aug/29/2009)
Preliminary release for Snow Leopard; fixed two critical bugs which made the app unusable on SL.
1.1.20 (Aug/24/2009)
More small bug fixes. Will be the final update for Leopard.
1.1.19 (Aug/06/2009)
Two more small bug fixes.
1.1.18 (Aug/04/2009)
Small bug fixes.
1.1.16 (Jul/09/2009)
This update will again upgrade the database format and there is no going back. Many bug fixes. Articles with PDF downloaded are now marked by a green blob.
1.1.12 (Jun/22/2009)
Small bug fixes. Removed the 64 bit version for now... somehow the 32 bit version seems stabler.
1.1.10 (Apr/26/2009)
This update will upgrade the database format and there is no going back.
Added "flags" field; status can be added automatically when checking arxiv/new. Many bug fixes.
1.1.4 (Apr/5/2009)
You can now stop a query by clicking the spinning progress indicator. Bug fixes.
1.1 (Mar/25/2009)
Folders in the sidebar (use the plus button in the bottom-left corner).
You can now change the font size etc. for the main article view, use the preference pane.
Bibliography auto-generation now supports "force refresh" mode, see sample.tex.
And minor bug fixes. (e.g. Now works when placed inside a directory with spaces, double quotes, or back slashes in its name.)
1.0.3 (Mar/15/2009)
Bug fixes
1.0 (Mar/6/2009)
This update will upgrade the database format and there is no going back.
Massive speed improvements, lots of replumbing behind the scenes. Now it should handle 30000 entries without problems.
0.980 (Feb/25/2009)
Now tries to download PDF from journal web pages. Bug fixes. Updated version of Sparkle.
0.97 (Feb/18/2009)
Bug fixes. Crash reporter.
0.96 (Feb/8/2009)
Automatic bibliography generator & ability to download PDFs from university library subscriptions. See Usage in the webpage or in the Help. Lots of replumbing behind the scenes.
0.95 (Feb/3/2009)
Minor bug fixes.
0.94 (Feb/2/2009)
Minor bug fixes.
0.93 (Feb/1/2009)
0.92 had a nasty crasher. (It seems one needs to compare bundle ids case insensitively...) Should be fixed now.
0.92 (Feb/1/2009)
Incorporated some suggestions. (bibtex query, arxiv/replacements etc.) It involved a rather massive rewrite; maybe some bugs have been introduced. Please report if you find any.
0.91 (Jan/28/2009)
Now shows a link to the journal webpage if it can be guessed and no eprint is available. Yes I'm reading the somewhat older literature these days so I added this feature...
0.90 (Jan/27/2009)
"Choose folders" panel now shows "Create New Folder" button.
0.89 (Jan/7/2009)
System hook now works with the WebKit Nightly.
0.88 (Nov/25/2008)
Version checking now shows Comments: field. The source-list sort order is now correctly saved.
0.87 (Nov/3/2008)
Bug fixes. Speed Improvements. (Mostly came from moving to sqlite backend.)
0.86 (Nov/2/2008)
Refers to. (currently only works for eprints)
0.85 (Oct/28/2008)
Bug Fixes & Back/Forward button.
0.84 (Oct/27/2008)
Bug Fixes. (Reloading arxiv now really reloads clearing web caches. Behavior of "a" was also corrected. My sloppy coding starts to slow down the response of the app once there are more than 3000 entries in the database... Maybe I need to clean up the code and optimize. Ugh.)
0.83 (Oct/26/2008)
Bug Fixes. cited by.
0.82 (Oct/25/2008)
Bug Fixes. j and ea.
0.81 (Oct/23/2008)
Bug Fixes.
0.8 (Oct/22/2008)
Bug Fixes.
0.7 (Oct/21/2008)
Abstracts from Journal Web Pages.
0.6 (Oct/19/2008)
Bug Fixes.
0.5 (Oct/18/2008)
Input Manager Hack support. Safari won't call spires.app if the URL has ?doNotCallSpires at the end. "Playlist" support.
0.4 (Oct/16/2008)
usablity enhancements. Refactoring.
0.3 (Oct/15/2008)
0.2 (Oct/14/2008)
0.1 (Oct/13/2008)
barely usable version.