Hotels in Kashiwa-no-ha:
+ Kashiwa Guest House (on-campus guest house)
Room rate: 2500 yen (single room), 5000 yen (twin beds room)
Please note reservations are accepted 3 weeks before check-in day.
+ Hotel Del Prado (25 minutes walk from IPMU)
Room rate: 5880 yen (single room), 11550 yen (twin beds room)
This hotel is closer to IPMU than hotels near JR Kashiwa Sta, but they don't have English speaking staff..

Hotels in Kashiwa (see also IPMU guide):
+ The Crest Hotel Kashiwa (30 minutes bus ride from IPMU. Airport bus stop for Narita and Haneda.)
Room rate: 8300 yen (single room), 12000 yen (double bed room). Special rate for IPMU.
+ Mitsui Garden Hotel Kashiwa (30 minutes bus ride from IPMU)
Room rate: 7500 yen (single room), 10500 yen (deluxe-single room, double occupancy). Special rate for IPMU.

Hotels in downtown Tokyo (Asakusa, Akihabara, Ushima, etc): The closest train station to IPMU is Kashiwa-no-ha campus - station #13 on Tsukuba Express (TX) line. The train between stations #1 (Akihabara), #2 (Shin-Okachimachi), #3 (Asakusa) and #13 (Kashiwa-no-ca campus) takes around 30 minutes and costs around 650 yen.
+ Hotel Keihan Asakusa (Next to Asakusa Sta. (#3 on TX))
Room rate: about 7000 yen (single room), 8000-9000 yen (semi-double bed room)
+ Hotel Villa Fontaine Ueno (4 minutes walk from Shin Okachimachi Sta. (#2 on TX))
Room rate: 7900 yen (single occupancy), 9500 yen (double occupancy)
+ Akihabara Washinton Hotel (1 minute walk from Akihabara Sta. (#1 on TX))
Room rate: about 8000 yen (single room), 10000-12000 yen (semi-double bed room)
+ Elite-inn Yushima (2 minutes walk from Yushima Sta. furnished apartment with maid service.)
Room rate (one week): 52000-65000 yen

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