Main week (Oct 31 - Nov 4):

  • Ando: Numerical Computation of Stokes Multipliers
  • Cascini: Rational curves in Algebraic Geometry
  • Ciocan-Fontanine: Stable quasimaps and GW theory of GIT quotients
  • Corti: Extremal Laurent Polynomials I
  • Diemer: Secondary Stacks and Toric Moduli
  • Eager: AdS/CFT and Categories
  • Efimov: Quantum cluster variables via vanishing cycles
  • Getmanenko: Microlocal properties of sheaves and complex WKB
  • Golyshev: Extremal Laurent Polynomials II
  • Favero: Semi-orthogonal decompositions and phase change
  • Katzarkov: A new prospective on Stability conditions
  • Kerr: Relations in the symplectic mapping class group
  • Lau: Enumerative meaning of mirror maps for toric manifolds
  • Mellit: Multiplication laws for differential equations
  • Ruddat: Mirror symmetry and vanishing cycles
  • Scheidegger: Pencils of Cubic Fourfolds
  • Schnell: Hodge modules on abelian varieties
  • Tonita: K-theoretic GW invariants
  • Vologodsky: Motivic integral of K3 surfaces over a non-archimedean field

    Second week (Nov 7 - Nov 11):

  • Cheltsov: What are higher-dimensional analogues of D_n, E_6, E_7 and E_8 singularities?
  • Diemer: Circuits, Degenerations, and Mirror Symmetry
  • Efimov: On Donaldson-Thomas theory for quivers with potentials
  • Favero: Homological Projective Duality as Phase Change for Noncommutative Non-linear Sigma-models
  • Shramov: On tetragonal construction of R.Donagi

    Nov 14 - Dec 2

  • Logvinenko: Derived Reid's recipe for threefold singularities
  • Panov: Hyperbolic geometry and symplectic Calabi-Yau varieties
  • Panov: Polyhedral characterization of CP^n

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