It is known that supermassive black holes (SMBH) can be found in every galaxy center. They can grow by accreting gas around them, merging with other black holes, or from a direct collapse scenario. In this early study, we analyze the evolution of high density gas in galaxy center. Initial condition (IC) used in this simulation is obtained from AGORA project (Kim et al. 2014, 2016). We used medium resolution initial condition and run the simulation with GADGET3-Osaka code (Aoyama et al. 2017; Shimizu et al. 2019). GADGET3-Osaka already includes feedback by the AGB stars, Type Ia and II supernovae and CELib chemical evolution library (Saitoh 2018). However, the effect of SMBH is still not considered in our codes. As we know, central massive black hole co-evolve with its host galaxy as stated in Magorrian relation. This indicates that galaxy evolution can be understood fully only if we take SMBH into account. In addition, active galactic nuclei (AGN) also has significant impact on galaxy evolution as it is constantly ejecting great amount of energy as well as accreting gas in galactic center. In this poster we report our initial study on the environment of central region of our simulated galaxy, e.g. evolution of density, temperature, and Bondi accretion rates, in preparation for implementing AGN feedback effect from the SMBH.