We have obtained three-dimensional maps of the universe in ~200x200x80 comoving Mpc^3 (cMpc^3) volumes each at z=5.7 and 6.6 based on a spectroscopic sample of 174 galaxies that achieves >~80% completeness down to the Lya luminosity of log(L_Lya/[erg s^-1])=43.0. The maps reveal large-scale structures and two remarkable overdensities made out of at least 42 and 12 galaxies at z=5.692 (z57OD) and z=6.585 (z66OD), respectively, making z66OD the most distant overdensity spectroscopically confirmed to date. We compare spatial distributions of submillimeter galaxies at z~4-6 with our z=5.7 galaxies forming the large-scale structures, and detect a 99.97% signal of cross correlation, indicative of a clear coincidence of dusty star-forming galaxy and dust unobscured galaxy formation at this early epoch. The galaxies in z57OD and z66OD are actively forming stars with star formation rates (SFRs) >~5 times higher than the main sequence, and particularly the SFR density in z57OD is 10 times higher than the cosmic average at the redshift (a.k.a. the Madau-Lilly plot). Comparisons with numerical simulations suggest that z57OD and z66OD are protoclusters that are progenitors of the present-day clusters with halo masses of ~10^14 Mo.