We would like to give a poster about velocities of galactic outflows in seven star-forming galaxies at z=5-6 with a stellar mass of M_*~10^{10.1} Mo. We make use of the ALMA [CII]158 um emission lines and the deep DEIMOS spectra to measure the outflow velocities. We construct a composite Keck spectrum of the galaxies at z=5-6 with the systemic redshift determined by the [CII] line, and fit outflow-line profiles to the absorption lines in the composite spectrum. We measure the maximum outflow velocity to be vmax=810^{+140}_{-160} kms on average, respectively. We find the redshift evolution that the vmax value of our z=5-6 galaxies is higher than those of z=0 galaxies by a factor of 3.5 and comparable to the one of z=2 galaxies.