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An Informal Guide to the Physics Major Course, the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science

The Graduate School system at the University of Tokyo has multiple departments related to physics. and there will be a few more. This page is about (i).

[disclaimer] This page is written to provide information to international students who are thinking of the Physics Major Course of the University of Tokyo as one of the options of their graduate study. Contents here are chosen so that those students can get the feeling of what it is like to study here as well as how the admission process goes, at the 0-th order approximation, at one stop without clicking around in the labyrinth of internet.

This "Informal Guide" is NOT an official page. Precise, correct and updated information should be found in the official pages provided by the University of Tokyo.

Descriptions in this Informal Guide are made intentionally brief and approximate. This Informal Guide is maintained by a few voluntary faculty members of the Physics Major Course, who waiver responsibility for any kinds of incorrect information here.

Admission Process

Course Description

Living Costs, Dormitory, Scholarships

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