Introducing ...
Watch the instruction video part 1 part 2 part 3.
What does it do?
Setting up
Please download the app: Then, please open the preferences pane by spires→Preferences, and set the directory for keeping PDFs.
If you don't, ~/Desktop is used by default. It will soon clutter your desktop into a mess, though.
If you already have PDFs named as 0808.0808.pdf or hep-th0123456.pdf, please move them into the directory you specified, or make symbolic links to them in it.
Basic Usage
  1. Type a spires query to the search box. e.g.
    t monopole
    a Weinberg
    Here, 't' stands for the 'title', and 'a' stands for the 'author'.
  2. Hit the enter key.
  3. arXiv/new can be refreshed by a right click on it.
Query Syntax
Extra Info
Data harvested
Known Problems
Many. If you have any specific bug reports or comments, please contact the author via spires→Send Bug Reports.
Source code
It's available at GitHub.