☕️: talks for non-specialists; ⭐️:review talks and/or lectures

What is Quantum Field Theory?
IPMU 10th anniversary workshop, October 17, 2017
Time-reversal anomaly of 2+1d topological phases
Strings 2017, Tel Aviv, June 26, 2017
On 4d N=3 theories
JHS@75, Caltech, November, 2016
☕️ 場の量子論の数学と二次元四次元対応
第67回「数学との遭遇」, 中央大, 10月, 2016
On the time-reversal anomaly of 2+1d TQFTs
Natifest, IAS, September, 2016
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⭐S-dualities in 4d N=2 supersymmetric theories
Trieste Spring School, March, 2015
Recent advances in SUSY
Annual Strings Conference, Princeton, June, 2014
研究室紹介, U. Tokyo, May, 2014
Introduction to 4d SUSY QFTs with no known Lagrangians
Internal Talk, U. Tokyo, December, 2013
On lines in class-S theories and in q-deformed Yang-Mills
Beach talk, Simons Summer Workshop, August, 2013
秋の数学会企画講演, U. Kyushu, September, 2012
On 2d TQFTs whose values are holomorphic symplectic varieties
String-Math Conference, U. Penn., June, 2011
More S dualities from outer automorphism twists
Seminar, Rutgers, October, 2010
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⭐Liouville Correlation Functions from Four-dimensional Gauge Theories
Review talk, KITP, August, 2010
[part 1] [part 2]
⭐The works of Argyres and Seiberg
Review talk, KITP, August, 2010
Instantons and conformal blocks
Seminar, Perimeter Institute, April, 2010
2d CFTs from 4d N=2 gauge theories
Annual Strings Conference, Texas A&M University, March, 2010
Recent developments in 4d N=2 SCFTs
Seminar, Rutgers, March, 2009
Story of a & c
Seminar, Perimeter Institute, December, 2008
Introduction to String Theory
Review talk, Perimeter Institute, December, 2008