Kai Martens' home page


Associate Professor at and
Kamioka Branch Director for

Kavli IPMU

The University of Tokyo

office phone:
+81 578-85-9513
Kai.Martens _at-mark_ ipmu.jp

Do you wish to:
- probe the ultimate limits of scientific (!!!) knowledge?
- understand its construction?
- reflect on its perception?

Come in, come do physics with us:
do experiments that seek knowledge!

Did you come to know what I am about?
Here's an interview I recently had with my most awkward of buddies: with myself...

The XENON collaboration's latest big splash:
Low Energy Electronic Recoil Excess Webinar Recording

Our corresponding paper on arXiv
The Kavli IPMU press release in English and Nihongo.

Press coverage:
LIVESCIENCE.com (they interviewed me), New York Times , Forbes
and a nice blog:

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