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Options to Come Here and Work with Me

  A: As a Postdoc at Kavli IPMU

        Kavli IPMU at the University of Tokyo invites applications to our postdoc positions from all over the world. We receive applications through Academic Jobs Online. The application site is opened usually at the end of September. The selection process starts at the beginning of December.

  B: As a Graduate Student at the University of Tokyo (the Ph.D. program at the University of Tokyo)

        I am happy to welcome Ph.D. students from around the world, when I have enough remaining capacity after taking enough care of graduate students around me already. If a student wishes to take me as a thesis adviser, then the student needs to go through the admission process of the University of Tokyo. Please first take a look at this page,
      An Informal Guide to the Physics Major Course,
to get the feeling of how the admission process proceeds. To see whether I have enough capacity to host a Ph.D. student starting next year, please visit the page "What is it like ...." linked below.

        As a policy of my own, I am open to the admission options for international students starting their Ph.D. course in September (not for students starting in April). There are still a few admission options that the University of Tokyo offers. Among them, I open my window only through the GSGC course and the regular course (but not through the Government scholarships). It is not that I am against cherry blossoms in April or against the foreign policy of the Japanese Government. I just cannot bear attending admission processes several times a year, and getting distracted from my research. ....... distraction ..... yes, I admit it. I must ask for your understanding.

        In the system of the Physics Major Course of the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science, all the graduate students have to choose their prospective adviser before submitting the application documents to the Graduate School. It must be a very difficult decision, given that there is no chance for international students to see and speak in person to get to know science and personality of individual faculty members in Tokyo before sending the application documents. So, here I have prepared a following page:

        What is it like to be a Ph.D. student at Kavli IPMU, in particle theory, with TW as an adviser?     (will be updated in October every year)

        The Graduate School of Science at the University of Tokyo takes a two-stage system in all of the addmission options. Before the official selection by the Graduate School of Science (Physics Major Course), the applicants need to clear the pre-selection process run by individual faculty members appointed at the Graduate School of Science. In 20xx autumn, I myself and some other faculty members of the Physics Major Course plan to run this pre-selection process jointly. If you are interested in choosing me as a prospective adviser, then you are invited to proceed to the page of the joint pre-selection process and follow the instruction there.

  C: Short Stay as a Graduate Student Elsewhere

        I will be happy to host a graduate student elsewhere for a short stay (a week--a few months) at Kavli IPMU, only when contacted from his/her adviser I know very well personally. This is because such a short stay will be effective, I believe, only when a student is already on a track of conducting research reasonably well, and has also read a few papers of mine (so he/she can have scientific discussion with me upon arrival).

  D: Summer Student / Internship / Short Stay at the Undergraduate Level

        I do not host a student of this category from outside of the University of Tokyo. Sorry !

updated in September, 2021.