Luis Fernando Alday
[pdf] The Analytic Conformal Bootstrap
John Joseph Carrasco
[pdf] Recent progress from amplitudes
Aristomenis Donos
[pdf] Incoherent Transport and Black Holes
Thomas Dumitrescu
[pdf] General Aspects of Renormalization Group Flows in Diverse Dimensions
Seok Kim
[pdf] Advances in 5d/6d QFTs
Douglas Stanford
[pdf] What's up with the SYK model?
Christopher Herzog
[pdf] Applied AdS/CFT
Igor Klebanov
[pdf]  AdS/CFT: Then and Now
Juan Maldacena
[pdf] Towards Wholeography
Hirosi Ooguri
[pdf] AdS/CFT in your everyday life
Edward Witten
[pdf] A Few Remarks On AdS/CFT
Nima Arkani-Hamed
[pdf] Amplitudes and Correlators as Canonical Forms;  Worldsheets as Positive Geometries
Adam Brown
[pdf] Complexity and Geometry
Simon Caron-Huot
[pdf] Bulk Causality from the Conformal Bootstrap
Miranda Cheng
[pdf] What's new in Moonshine ?
Sergei Dubovsky
[pdf] QCD Strings and Jackiw-Teitelboim
Netta Engelhardt
[pdf] The Apparent Horizon in AdS
Valentina Forini
[pdf] Green-Schwarz Superstring on a Lattice
Inaki Garcia-Etxebarria
[pdf] New N=4 Theories in Four Dimensions
Yvonne Geyer
[pdf] Ambitwistor Strings beyond Tree-level
Sergei Gukov
[pdf] Disk Amplitudes and the Magnificent Three
Daniel Jafferis
[pdf] Bulk Reconstruction and the Hartle-Hawking Wavefunction
Jared Kaplan
[pdf] AdS_3/CFT_2 and the Information Paradox
David Kutasov
[pdf] A Solvable Irrelevant Deformation of AdS_3/CFT_2
Karl Landsteiner
[pdf] Anomalous Transport from Anti de-Sitter Space to Weyl Semimetals
Hong Liu
[pdf] Emergent Entropy
[pdf] Out of Equilibrium, Out of Time Order
Juan Maldacena
[pdf] Diving into Traversable Wormholes
Shiraz Minwalla
[pdf] Flows, Fixed Points and Duality in Matter Chern Simons Theories
Robert Myers
[pdf] Holographic Complexity
Joao Penedones
[pdf] S-matrix Bootstrap Revisited
Suvrat Raju
[pdf] Breakdown of String Perturbation Theory and Implications for Locality in Gravity
Leonardo Rastelli
[pdf] How to Succeed at Holographic Correlators without Really Trying
Sakura Schafer-Nameki
[pdf] F-theory and AdS_3/CFT_2
Nathan Seiberg
[pdf] New Phases of QCD3 and QCD4
Ashoke Sen
[pdf] Soft Graviton Theorem in Generic Quantum Theory of Gravity
Stephen Shenker
[pdf] Black Holes and Random Matrices
Dam Thanh Son
[pdf] Fractional Quantum Hall Effect and Duality
Andrew Strominger
[pdf] Infrared Divergences in QED and Quantum Gravity
Yuji Tachikawa
[pdf] Time-reversal Anomalies of 2+1d Topological Phases
Tadashi Takayanagi
[pdf] AdS from Optimization of Path-Integrals in CFTs 
Christoph Uhlemann
[pdf] Holographic Duals for 5d SCFTs
Nicholas Warner
[pdf] Microstate Geometries Deep Inside the Black-Hole Regime
Xi Yin
[pdf] Genus Two Modular Bootstrap
Alexander Zhiboedov
[pdf] Universal Correction to the Veneziano Amplitude