PFS-SSP galaxy survey workshop 2015

13 Nov. 2015 Kavli IPMU

About this workshop

PFS is a next-generation fiber multi-object spectrograph for the Subaru Telescope. The call for proposals for a Subaru Strategic Program (SSP) with PFS is expected to be open around 2017. The PFS-SSP galaxy formation and evolution working group (galaxy-WG) is currently considering the survey plan and drafting the proposal. At this time, we aim to further inform the larger Japanese astronomical community, working in the area of galaxy evolution, about the current plan for the SSP program and solicit input on the design. We also encourage further participation in the galaxy-WG.

The current plan of the PFS-SSP galaxy survey, with ~500,000 galaxy spectra out to z ~ 4 over 25 deg2, will allow us to link directly galaxy properties to the evolving cosmic web. In addition to this, we will expand our targets to high-redshift galaxies at z ~ 7 and further our understanding of the global history of galaxy evolution. Furthermore, AGN populations will be targeted that will enable the study of the connection between galaxies and their supermassive black holes.

In this workshop, we will discuss possible science cases by using the unprecedentedly large data obtained with PFS and the survey strategy. In addition to the optical/NIR, we will discuss PFS with a broader multi-wavelength perspective. We will also discuss the synergy with other instruments/telescopes such as ALMA, TMT, and TAO. Feedback from the Japanese community on the current PFS survey plan with respect to galaxy evolution is needed. Everyone with an interest in PFS and galaxy evolution is welcome.

新学術領域「広天域銀河分光サーベイによる加速宇宙の究明」(代表者 高田昌広)


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Masahiro Takada, John Silverman, Kevin Bundy, Kiyoto Yabe (Kavli IPMU),
Masami Ouchi (ICRR)

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