My research work focuses on cosmological simulations in the context of data analysis for large galaxy surveys. In particular, I work on modelling galaxy clustering and weak lensing observables and their statistical properties using simulations.

I am member of the Euclid Consortium, for which I produced large galaxy mock catalogues for testing the performances of the Euclid satellite, in collaboration with the Spanish Euclid data center at PIC.

I am part of the Exploring Dark Energy through Cosmic Structures project, for which I develop numerical methods to perform cosmological simulations of clustering dark energy scenarios.


  • Cosmology
  • Large Scale Structure
  • Computational methods
  • Dark Energy


  • PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2015

    Observatory of Paris, France

  • MSc in Astrophysics & Cosmology, 2012

    University of Bologna, Italy

  • BSc in Astronomy, 2007

    University of Bologna, Italy



Project Assistant Professor

Kavli IPMU

December 2023 – Present Kashiwa, Japan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Max Planck Institute for Astrophysiscs

October 2018 – September 2023 Garching, Germany

Postdoctoral Researcher

Institute of Space Sciences

November 2015 – September 2018 Barcelona, Spain


Euclid Flagship mock galaxy catalogue

Credit: J. Carretero, P. Tallada, S. Serrano for ICE, PIC, U.Zurich and the Euclid Consortium Cosmological Simulations SWG The Flagship mock galaxy catalogue is the largest simulated galaxy catalogue ever produced, which consistently model galaxy clustering and weak lensing observables for the surveys that will be carried out with the Euclid satellite. The catalog contains 2.6 billion galaxies over 1/8th of the sky and extends up to redshift 2.


Credit: Deus Consortium The Dark Energy Universe Simulations – Parallel Universe Runs (DEUS-PUR) are a series of simulation sets with WMAP-7 ΛCDM cosmology, that I have contributed running in the context of a Grand Challenge project at the IDRIS super-computing centre. The main set contains 12288 simulations, the largest so far, and has been used in my works on the covariance matrix of the power spectrum and bispectrum statistics.