Being written, open for comments

[pdf] A pseudo-mathematical pseudo-review on 4d N=2 supersymmetric QFTs

Being expanded now and then.

[pdf] On some conjectures extracted from supersymmetric quantum field theories

A shorter version of the document above, with less discussions on pseudo-mathematics and more emphasis on better-formulated conjectures

[pdf] On some conjectures on VOAs

A longer version of a section of the above document. Here I just state the mathematical conjecture on VOAs written more physically in arXiv:1312.5344.

Published in proceedings

[pdf] The elliptic genus of K3 and the Mathieu group

A short review of the elliptic genus of K3 and the Mathieu group. There's also a good review covering different aspects than mine by Cheng and Duncan. (March, 2012)

[pdf] Some illustrative examples of Argyres-Seiberg-Gaiotto duality

A short review of Gaiotto dualities. It contains one additional way to get Minahan-Nemeschansky's E8 theory, compared to my paper with Sergio and Francesco. (June, 2009)

[pdf] New developments in d=4, N=2 superconformal field theories

A review of d=4 N=2 superconformal theories pre Gaiotto. Mainly for historical interest.(March, 2008)


[pdf] AdS/CFT Correspondence with Eight Supercharges

This is my PhD thesis. It is a review on the AdS5/CFT4 correspondence with Sasaki-Einstein manifolds.(July, 2006)

[pdf] Seiberg-Witten Theory and Instanton Counting

This is my master's thesis. It is a review on instanton counting of Nekrasov. (March, 2003)

Those listed in this page for quite some time, but now available on arXiv

[arxiv] A review on instanton counting and W-algebras

A part of a larger collection of reviews being written by many people.

[arxiv] A brief review of the 2d/4d correspondences

A part of a larger collection of reviews being written by many people, who mostly overlap but are not quite the same as above.