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Prof. Hiromi Yokoyama's Group

Kavli IPMU/III, The university of Tokyo

Welcome! Prof. Yokoyama is a researcher in Science and Technology studies (STS).

Hiromi Yokoyama / Kavli IPMU / Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies / The University of Tokyo

Employment & Education

  • 2017- Professor, Kavli IPMU & Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies(GSII, for education), The University of Tokyo
  • 2007–2017 Associate Professor, School of Science ,University of Tokyo
  • 2005–2007 Senior Researcher, SOKENDAI, Hayama Center
  • 2004 Researcher (changed research field, science and society) Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • 2004 Ph.D. in Science , Tokyo University of Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Physics Department
  • March 1999 B.A. in Physics, Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Physics Department
  • Main Prize

  • 2016 As a member of K2K, Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
  • 2015 Science and Technology Society Society, Kakiuchi Kessiuchi Research Encouragement Prize
  • 2007 Science Journalist Award 2007, Japanese Association of Science & Technology Journalists
  • Committee member, etc

  • 2019.4- Kavli IPMU Steering Committee member
  • 2019.4- Japanese Society for Science and Technology Studies, board member
  • 2018.4- Science Council of Japan (SCJ) member
  • 2005.4- Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Cabinet Office, various deliberation committee members

  • Main research fields



    Science and Techonology studies

    only in English
  • Ikkatai Y.,Minamizaki A., Kano K., Inoue A.,McKay E., Yokoyama H.M.,(2020) "Gender-biased public perception of STEM fields, focusing on the influence of egalitarian attitudes toward gender roles", Journal of Sicence communication, Link
  • Ikkatai Y.,Inoue A., Kano K., Minamizaki A., McKay E., Yokoyama H.M.,(2019) ‘Parental egalitarian attitudes towards gender roles affect agreement on girls taking STEM fields at university in Japan’.International Journal of Science Education 41(16), 2254-2270 Link,English
  • Yokoyama H.M.,(2019) ‘Proposal for Group Voice: Going beyond the Limits of One voice and making information provided by scientists available to the public in emergency situations’. Cambridge university press, 271 - 277 Link
  • Ikkatai Y., McKay E., Yokoyama H.M. (2018). ‘Science created by crowds: a case study of science crowdfunding in Japan’. JCOM 17 (03), A06.,Link
  • Nakayachi K., Yokoyama H.M., Oki S., (2015). ‘Public anxiety after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake: fluctuations in hazard perception after catastrophe’. Journal of Risk Research, 18:2, 156-169,Link
  • Yokoyama H.M., Nakayachi K. ,(2014). ‘Public judgment on science expenditure in the national budget of Japan: An experimental approach to examining the effects of unpacking science’. Public understanding of science 23(5), 610-626.,Link
  • Tateno S., Yokoyama H.M. ,(2013). ‘Public anxiety, trust, and the role of mediators in communicating risk of exposure to low dose radiation after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant explosion’.JCOM 12(02) A03. ,Link
  • Physics papers, 2000-2006

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  • Design, construction, and operation of SciFi tracking detector for K2K experiment K2K Collaboration (A. Suzuki (Kobe U.) et al.). Apr 2000. 22 pp. Published in Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A453 (2000) 165-176

  • "What’s keeping back female physicists?"