For Prospective Postdocs / Students

Kavli IPMU is an exciting place for research. If you are interested in coming to my institute either as a postdoc or a graduate student, there are several possible choices, which I list below. Please check these out before writing e-mails to me.


(1) Postdoctoral fellowship at Kavli IPMU (see, which you can apply through academicjobsonline with standard materials.

(2) JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers, supported from the Japanese governmental agency. For this application, you need to contact a host researcher and prepare the application forms well before the official deadline. Please contact me if you are interested in choosing me as a host researcher. In the past I served as a host for a couple of researchers, many from abroad.

(3) JSPS also has a short-term visiting program; the duration of the program is flexible, and can be 1-12 months. For citizens of certain countries there are special programs between Japan and your country, which can be an extra option.

(4) We sometimes have postdocs supported by external fellowships. If you have such an otpion, please do think about spending time at Kavli IPMU.

(5) 日本国籍をお持ちか,日本に永住を許可されている皆さんは, 学術振興会特別研究員(PD) としてIPMUに在籍することも可能です. 私を受け入れ研究者として選ぶことも可能です.興味のある方はお早めに連絡ください.IPMUはいい研究環境だと思うので,IPMUでの学振PDの応募がもっと増えてもいいのではと思っています.

International Graduate Students

If you are interested in becoming my graduate student at Kavli IPMU, you should apply to the graduate school of University of Tokyo. I welcome applications of international students, so please do not hesitate to apply.

I have summarized some tips for international students: "Tips for Prospective International Students", so pleave have a look, especially before writing to me. I have also written a description of my research for the graduate school of mathematical sciences: "Research Summary for Students".

Internships for Undergraduate Students

I often receive e-mails concerning opportunities of "internships" and/or "short-term research projects" (often during the summer). I am not accepting undergraduate students for internships.

There are several reasons for this: (1) I am preoccupied with many things and there is no time left (2) In my research area (e.g. high energy theory and mathematical physics) it is not easy to do any research if you are an undergraduate student; in fact, it is difficult even for a graduate student with multi-year commitments (3) There are no undergraduate students in my campus (4) I travel often.

There can however be some exceptions, e.g. when you are already at an advanced level and are already studying something very closely related to my particular research (e.g. have been actually working on research topics closely related to some of my papers and have already written papers on the subject) so that you would benefit greatly by discussing with me personally. If you think your case is one of such exceptional cases please do ask me. If you just wish to see the campus before the graduate school application, you should simply visit the campus instead. The situation might be different for different professors so it is worth trying instead.


大学院進学を希望される国内の学部生の方に向けては必要な情報をまとめましたのでご覧ください: 「大学院志望者の方への参考資料」. また東大数理の学生向けに書いた 「現在の研究概要と学生への要望」も参照してください. 私の YouTube Channel にも一部大学院志望者向けの動画があります.

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