In recent years, a variety of fundamental scientific research fields have been established due to the production of various high-intensity quantum beams created by accelerators. However, these studies have been carried out independently and not enough effort has been made to share theoretical progresses and technological advances to other research fields. Based on the World-renowned advanced detector technology developed in Japan for space X-ray and gamma-ray observations, we will establish common theoretical frameworks and technological platforms and combine them with exotic quantum beams, namely negative muons, virtual photons and polarized RI beams. This will enable us to perform cooperative works in different research fields and develop novel methods. Furthermore, this will not only contribute to the area of fundamental sciences, but also towards new applications such as non-destructive 3D element analysis and medical applications.

What’s New

2021.03.24 Meeting
31st Project Management Meeting was held on Mar. 24 (web meeting).
2021.03.19 Newspaper
The joint research in which B02, C02, and D01-4 participated was featured in the evening edition of the Asahi Shimbun Newspaper as “If you can't open it, let's look through it —The contents of Ogata Koan's favorite medicine bottle were analyzed using muon particles.” This research is also published in Asahi Shimbun Digital.”
2021.03.17 Press rel.
A press release was issued by Osaka University on a joint research program in which B02, C02, and D01-4 participated, entitled “The unopened medicine bottle left by OGATA, Koan —Non-destructive analysis of a medical cultural asset using muon beams.”
2021.02 Award
Dr. Okumura (A01, RIKEN) has been awarded the FY2021 Technical Committee Encouragement Award of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.
2021.02.16 Meeting
30th Project Management Meeting was held on Feb. 16 (web meeting).
2021.02.04 Seminar
Quantum Beam Application Research B03 Seminar by Professor. Y. Shikano was held online.
2021.01.28–29 Symposium
4th Symposium on Integrated Arts & Humanities and Science—Exploring History with Quantum Beams was held (online).
2021.01.14 Meeting
29th Project Management Meeting was held on Jan. 14 (web meeting).
2021.01.08 Seminar
Quantum Beam Application Research A02 Seminar by Professor. S. Okada was held online.
2020.12.26 Outreach
Dr. Katsurakawa (C01, University of Tokyo) served as a lecturer at the WPI Symposium for High School Students 2020 ”The world's top-level researchers are coming from WPI!“

Upcoming Activities

2021.04.20 Meeting
32nd Project Management Meeting will be held on Apr. 20 (web meeting).

Planned Research

  • A01
    Precision measurements in atomic and molecular physics using a negative muon beam and its application to observations in astrophysics

  • A02
    Investigation of deep inside of nuclei and neutron stars with high energy photons

  • B01
    Development of a new non-destructive 3D elemental analysis method using negative muon beam

  • B02
    Basic research of in-flight muon catalyzed fusion in the Mach shock wave interference region

  • B03
    Highly spin-polarized RI beam and the application to nuclear and condensed-matter physics

  • C01
    Novel and interdisciplinary application of hard X-ray and gamma-ray detectors

  • C02
    Advanced negative muon beam development