Andrew Strominger (Harvard)
[pdf] String Theory without Gravity
Eva Silverstein (Stanford/SLAC)
[pdf] Gauge Fields, Scalars, Warped Geometry, and Strings
Finn Larsen (Chicago)
[pdf] Strings as Noncommutative Solitons
Jan Plefka (AEI)
[pdf] Vertex Operators for the Supermembrane
Kellogg Stelle (Imperial College)
[pdf] Randall-Sundrum geometry from D3 branes
Hirosi Ooguri (Berkeley)
[pdf] Strings in AdS_3 and the SL(2,R) WZW model
Renata Kallosh (CERN & Stanford)
[pdf] Supersymmetry in Singular Spaces and Domain Walls
Edward Witten (IAS & Caltech)
[pdf] Overview of K-Theory Applied to Strings
Brian Greene (Columbia)
[pdf] Space and Time Since Einstein
Joseph Polchinski (ITP Santa Barbara)
[pdf] N=2 Gauge-Gravity Duals
James Liu (Michigan)
[pdf] RG flows and the supergravity brane world
Senarath de Alwis (Colorado)
[pdf] Brane Worlds, String Theory, and the Cosmological Constant
Shamit Kachru (Stanford)
[pdf] Stringy Geometry of D-branes
Kostas Skenderis (Princeton)
[pdf] Holography and renormalization in the AdS/CFT correspondence
Eric Bergshoeff (Groningen)
[pdf] Non-Abelian Born-Infeld and Kappa-Symmetry
Ali Chamseddine (CAMS/AUB)
[pdf] Complex Gravity and Noncommutative Geometry
Brian Greene (Columbia)
[pdf] Aspects of Collapsing Cycles
Lisa Randall (Princeton & MIT)
[pdf] A Candidate Theory of Quasilocalization
Nathan Seiberg (IAS)
[pdf] OM
Nathan Berkovits (IFT Sao Paulo)
[pdf] Covariant Quantization of the Superstring
Louise Dolan (UNC Chapel Hill)
[pdf] Vertex Operators for AdS_3 with Ramond Background
Juan Maldacena (Harvard)
[pdf] New twists on branes and large N field theories
Daniel Kabat (Columbia)
[pdf] Black hole thermodynamics for strongly coupled gauge theory
Ignatios Antoniadis (CERN)
[pdf] D-brane physics at low energies
Eliezer Rabinovici (Hebrew University)
[pdf] D-Branes in the Background of NS Fivebranes
Steven Gubser (Princeton)
[pdf] Ordered phases of non-commutative theories
Mirjam Cvetic (Pennsylvania)
[pdf] Domain Walls in Gauged Supergravities
Arkady Tseytlin (Ohio State)
[pdf] Superstrings in AdS in light cone gauge
Tom Banks (Rutgers & Santa Cruz)
[pdf] Cosmological M Theory, SUSY Breaking, and the Cosmological Constant
Igor Klebanov (Princeton)
[pdf] 1+1 Dimensional NCOS and its U(N) Gauge Theory Dual
Jeffrey Harvey (Chicago)
[pdf] D-branes as Non-commutative Solitons
Gregory Moore (Rutgers)
[pdf] Comments on branes, G-flux, and K-theory
Matthew Strassler (IAS)
Tamiaki Yoneya (Tokyo)
[pdf] Space-time uncertainties and noncommutativity in string theory
Burt Ovrut (Pennsylvania)
[pdf] Non-Perturbative Physics in Brane Worlds
Jaume Gomis (Caltech)
[pdf] Noncommutative Field Theories: Unitarity and Decoupling
Robert Myers (McGill)
[pdf] Nonabelian D-branes and Noncommutative Geometry
Sunil Mukhi (TIFR)
[pdf] Stable non-BPS States and their Holographic Duals
Herman Verlinde (Princeton)
[pdf] Open/Closed String Duality, Or: How gravity couples to matter
Sergio Ferrara (CERN)
[pdf] Superconformal interpretation of BPS states in AdS geometries
Clifford Johnson (Durham)
[pdf] The Enhançon, Multimonopoles and Fuzzy Geometry
Bernard de Wit (Utrecht University)
[pdf] M-Theory Duality and BPS-extended Supergravity
David Gross (ITP Santa Barbara)
[pdf] Monopoles and strings in noncommutative gauge theory
David Gross (ITP Santa Barbara)
[pdf] Ten Questions in Fundamental Physics