Quantum Field Theory II

U. Tokyo undergraduate/graduate course, 2016 autumn semester


Prerequisite: equivalent of QM III (2nd quantization), QFT I (free field quantization) and Quantum Optics (photon quantization, atomic transition)

Hours and Rooms: Mondays 14:55--16:40 at room 207, Rigakubu 1 Goukan (Hongo Campus)
Office hour:           Mondays 16:40--17:40 at room 207, or 903, the same as above.

Instructor: Taizan Watari,           Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa Campus
TA:           Nozomu Kobayashi,   Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa campus

Language: primarily in Eniglish, with occasional summary provided in Japanese. Questions in Japanese are also welcome during the class.

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                (5) Homework submission deadline: Jan 30 (Mon), until the end of the office hour.

Lecture Notes and Homework Problems: (see general instruction on homework problems)

Textbooks and References:

This course is not based on a specific textbook. I often refer to the following textbooks, though, when I prepare for lectures:

Other references:

Plan of the progress
1. introduction
2. S-matrix etc., loop expansion: [2 weeks]
3. tree-level scattering processes: [3 weeks]
4. bound states: [2 weeks]
5. unitarity: [1 week]
6. low-energy effective theory: [1 week]
7. path integral: [5 weeks]
8. introduction to 1-loop computation: [1 week]

Grading Scheme: Letter grading [ excellent, good, OK or fail ] based on reports.

updated on December 12, 2016.