IPMU Focus Week Condensed Matter Physics Meets High Energy Physics


Monday, 8th February

Son, DamNonrelativistic Holography[WMV] 
Aoki, HideoHow can condensed-matter problems interact with field theoretic ideas -an overview[WMV] 
Kachru, ShamitNew Horizons in AdS/CFT[WMV] 
Avishai, YshaiElectron in the Field of Magnetic Monopole: Tight-Binding Solution[WMV] 
Yarom, AmosLarge N superfluids[WMV] 
Read, NickAdiabatic Statistics and Hall Viscosity of Quantum Hall Systems[WMV] 

Tuesday, 9th February

Wen, Xiao-GangA unication of photons, electrons, and gravitons under qbit models[WMV] 
Fujimoto, SatoshiTopological Phases of Noncentrosymmetric Superconductors and Superfluids[WMV] 
Nishimura, JunPrecision test of the gauge/gravity duality from first principles[WMV] 
Hartnoll, SeanBlack Holes for non-Fermi liquids and superconductivity[WMV] 
Nakamura, ShinGravity Dual of Spatially Modulated Phase[WMV] 
Hatsugai, YasuhiroCorrespondence between the bulk quantum states and boundary states in topological phases in condensed matter[WMV] 
Liu, HongFrom black holes to strange metals[WMV] 

Wednesday, 10th February

Zhang, ShouchengTopological Insulators and Superconductors[WMV] 
Hitoshi MurayamaWelcome to Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe[WMV] 
George SmootA Cosmic Perspective[WMV] 
 Panel Discussion[WMV] 
Wen, Xiao-GangEmergence of gravitons from qbit models[WMV] 
Hashimoto, KojiHolography and Nuclear Physics[WMV] 
Nomura, KentaroTopological delocalization of two-dimensional massless Dirac fermions[WMV] 
Son, DamQuantum anomalies in hydrodynamics[WMV] 

Thursday, 11th February

Schomerus, VolkerSuperspace Sigma Models 
Minwalla, ShirazSmall Hairy Black Holes in Global AdS[WMV] 
Kiritsis, EliasOn Universality classes in Strongly coupled doped systems[WMV] 
Kitaev, AlexeiClassification of topological insulators and superconductors[WMV] 
Sato, MasatoshiFractionalization and Hidden Symmetry in Topological Orders[WMV] 
Oka, TakashiMany-body Schwinger-Landau-Zener Mechanism in Nonequilibrium Strongly Correlated Electron Systems[WMV] 

Friday, 12th February

Read, NickTopological phases in quantum Hall and beyond: a pedagogical lecture[WMV] 
Schomerus, VolkerThe Supersphere[WMV] 
Natsuume, MakotoCritical phenomena in AdS/CFT duality[WMV] 
Takayanagi, TadashiEntanglement Entropy and Topological Insulators from String Theory[WMV] 
Tanaka, AkihiroGauge and gravitational anomalies in graphene-related systems[WMV] 
Nakayama, YuUniversal time-dependent deformations of Schrodinger geometry[WMV] 
Fradkin, EduardoQuantum Entanglement and Quantum Criticality[WMV] 
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