Timothy Adamo
[pdf] Field theory as a string theory
Mohsen Alishahiha
[pdf] Holographic entanglement entropy for singular surfaces in hyperscaling violating geometry
Nima Arkani-Hamed
[pdf] Collider Physics @ LHC + Beyond
Benjamin Basso
[pdf] Structure Constants and Integrable Bootstrap in N=4 SYM Theory
Iosif Bena
[pdf] On the Uses of Antibranes
Nathan Berkovits
[pdf] Twistor Origin of the Superstring
Zvi Bern
[pdf] Quantum Inequivalence, Evanescent Operators and Gravity Divergences
Sayantani Bhattacharyya
[pdf] A membrane paradigm at large D
Francois R. Bouchet
[pdf] Cosmology 2015: from quantum foam to the cosmic web
Jacob Bourjaily
[pdf] The On-Shell Analytic S-Matrix
Alejandra Castro
[pdf] Wilson lines in AdS3/CFT2
Bartek Czech
[pdf] Integral geometry: from tensor networks to holography
Justin David
[pdf] Higher spin corrections to entanglement entropy
Sheer El-Showk
[pdf] Bootstrapping Theories with Four Supercharge
Roberto Emparan
[pdf] Black holes in the 1/D expansion
Matthias Gaberdiel
[pdf] Strings from a Higher Spin Perspective
Abhijit Gadde
[pdf] Aspects of 2d (0,2) theories
Simone Giombi
[pdf] Generalized F-theorem and the epsilon expansion
David Gross
[pdf] The Enduring Legacy of Albert Einstein
Daniel Harlow
[pdf] Bulk Locality and Quantum Error Correction in AdS/CFT
Thomas Hartman
[pdf] Entanglement Dynamics in 2d CFT
Yasuyuki Hatsuda
[pdf] Large N Non-Perturbative Effects in ABJM Theory
Jonathan Heckman
[pdf] Geometry of 6D SCFTs
Kentaro Hori
[pdf] The Grade Restriction Rule
Ken Intriligator
[pdf] Anomalies, RG flows, and the a-theorem in six-dimensional (1,0) theories
Sachin Jain
[pdf] Unitarity, Crossing Symmetry and Duality of the S-matrix in large N Chern-Simons theories with fundamental matter.
Romuald Janik
[pdf] String Field Theory vertex from integrability
Robert de Mello Koch
[pdf] Anomalous Dimensions of Heavy Operators from Magnon Energies
Charlotte Kristjansen
[pdf] One-point Functions in dCFT and Integrability
Dieter Luest
[pdf] Large N Graviton Scattering and Black Hole Production
Juan Maldacena
[pdf] Quantum mechanics and the geometry of spacetime
Juan Maldacena
[pdf] Inflation and string theory
Gautam Mandal
[pdf] Thermalization in 2D field theories and holography
Sameer Murthy
[pdf] Functional determinants and index theorems for exact quantum black hole entropy
Robert Myers
[pdf] Scanning New Horizons: Entanglement & Holography
Vasilis Niarchos
[pdf] Exact correlation functions in 4d N=2 superconformal field theories
Tatsuma Nishioka
[pdf] Anomalies and Entanglement Entropy
Jaemo Park
[pdf] Self-dual strings in 6d SCFT & Instanton countings for 5d SCFT
João Penedones
[pdf] Mellin amplitudes: the scattering amplitudes of AdS/CFT
Eric Perlmutter
[pdf] Witten Diagrams Revisited: Holographic Duals of Conformal Blocks
Ramadevi Pichai
[pdf] Knot polynomials, homological invariants and topological strings
David Poland
[pdf] Conformal Bootstrap Review
Fernando Quevedo
[pdf] Low energy SUSY and String Compactifications: The Last Attempts?
Suvrat Raju
[pdf] A State Dependent Description of the Black Hole Interior
Loganayagam Ramalingam
[pdf] A topological gauge theory for the entropy current
Mukund Rangamani
[pdf] Brownian branes, emergent symmetries, and hydrodynamics
Balt van Rees
[pdf] Bootstrapping the six-dimensional (2,0) theories
Daniel Roberts
[pdf] The butterfly effect in spin chains and 2d CFT
Jorge E. Santos
[pdf] Black holes with a single Killing vector field: black resonators
Sudipta Sarkar
[pdf] Holographic entanglement entropy and second law for black holes
Peter Saulson
[pdf] Exploring the Frontier of Astrophysical Relativity with Advanced LIGO
John Schwarz
[pdf] Superstring Unification
John Schwarz
[pdf] AdS5 X S5 Superspace Geometry
Nathan Seiberg
[pdf] Generalized Global Symmetries
Ashoke Sen
[pdf] Surviving in a metastable de Sitter space-time
Masaki Shigemori
[pdf] Habemus Superstratum
Eva M Silverstein
[pdf] String spreading and S-matrix data
Aninda Sinha
[pdf] Some analytic results from conformal bootstrap
Marcus Spradlin
[pdf] Cluster Algebras and Scattering Amplitudes
Douglas Stanford
[pdf] A bound on chaos
Andrew Strominger
[pdf] Memory, Soft Theorems and Symmetries
Sandip Trivedi
[pdf] Constraints From Conformal Invariance on Inflationary Correlators
Angel M. Uranga
[pdf] Trans-planckian axion field ranges and string theory
Cumrun Vafa
[pdf] 6d (1,0) Supersymmetric Theories and Their Compactifications
Edward Witten
[pdf] An Overview Of Worldsheet and Brane Anomalies
Edward Witten
[pdf] What Every Physicist Should Know About String Theory
Tamiaki Yoneya
[pdf] General Relativity from Strings
Alberto Zaffaroni
[pdf] A topologically twisted index for three-dimensional supersymmetric theories
Alexander Zhiboedov
[pdf] Conformal Bootstrap With Slightly Broken Higher Spin Symmetry