Mina Aganagic
[pdf] Some mathematical applications of little string theory
Murad Alim
[pdf] Geometric Hints of Non-perturbative Topological Strings
Nima Arkani-Hamed
[pdf] Towards deriving string theory as the weakly coupled UV completion of gravity
Shamik Banerjee
[pdf] Some Observations on holographic c-functions and black hole singularity
Daniel Baumann
[pdf] Primordial Cosmology
Katrin Becker
[pdf] Space-time action for G_2 compactifications in superspace
Xavier Bekaert
[pdf] Holographic reconstruction of quartic vertices in higher-spin gravity
Francesco Benini
[pdf] Black Hole Entropy from Gauge Theory
Agnese Bissi
[pdf] Unitarity and positivity constraints for CFT at large central charge
Matthew Buican
[pdf] Conformal Manifolds, Moduli Spaces, and Chiral Algebras.
Bin Chen
[pdf] Renyi entropy in AdS_3/CFT_2
Heng-Yu Chen
[pdf] Quantum Integrable Systems and Conformal Blocks
Miranda Cheng
[pdf] A Bit More Physics from a Bit More Number Theory
Geoffrey Compere
[pdf] BMS Vacua and Black Holes
Kevin Costello
[pdf] Integrable lattice models from four dimensional field theories
Mirjam Cvetic
[pdf] Abelian and Discrete Symmetries in F-theory
Robert de Mello Koch
[pdf] Holography of Heavy Operators
Frederik Denef
[pdf] Higher Spin de Sitter Holography
Robbert Dijkgraaf
[pdf] Negative Branes, Supergroups and the Signature of Spacetime
Xi Dong
[pdf] Bulk Reconstruction in the Entanglement Wedge
Thomas Dumitrescu
[pdf] Current Algebra Constraints on Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theories
Matthias Gaberdiel
[pdf] Higher Spin Algebras and Plane Partitions
Rajesh Gopakumar
[pdf] Conformal Bootstrap in Mellin Space
Steven Gubser
[pdf] P-adic AdS/CFT
Monica Guica
[pdf] Exploring black hole space-time with boundary conformal blocks
Sergei Gukov
[pdf] Mathematics of RG flows
Daniel Harlow
[pdf] Wormholes, Emergent Gauge Fields, and the Weak Gravity Conjecture
Hong-Jian He
[pdf] Higgs Boson: from Collider Test to SUSY GUT Inflation
Song He
[pdf] Scattering via Riemann Spheres
Matthew Headrick
[pdf] A new perspective on holographic entanglement
Johannes Henn
[pdf] New results for supersymmetric scattering amplitudes
Pei-Ming Ho
[pdf] Information loss paradox and asymptotic black holes
Gary Horowitz
[pdf] Recovering the spacetime metric from a holographic dual
Yu-Tin Huang
[pdf] Field theory amplitudes from zeros of string theory
Ling-Yan Hung
[pdf] Exploring the tensor network/AdS correspondence
Shamit Kachru
[pdf] BPS states in N=4 string vacua, modular forms, and counting problems
Igor Klebanov
[pdf] Three-Dimensional CFTs and Emergent Supersymmetry
Zohar Komargodski
[pdf] On the S-Matrix of Large-N Yang-Mills Theory
Shota Komatsu
[pdf] Correlation functions in N=4 SYM from Integrability
Can Kozcaz
Kimyeong Lee
[pdf] Aspects of 6-dim superconformal theories and little string theories
Si Li
[pdf] Open-closed BCOV theory on Calabi-Yau geometry
Hai Lin
[pdf] Novel non-Kahler geometries and string theory
Hong Liu
[pdf] Effective field theory for dissipative fluids
Jianxin Lu
[pdf] Tachyon field theory description of (thermo) dynamics in dS space
Hong Lu
[pdf] Higher Derivative Gravities
Dieter Lüst
[pdf] Classical & quantum black hole hair from Goldstone modes
Juan Maldacena
[pdf] Entanglement and spacetime geometry
Mark Mezei
[pdf] Spread of entanglement and chaos
Shiraz Minwalla
[pdf] The black hole as a membrane at large D
Nikita Nekrasov
[pdf] Gauge origami
Tatsuma Nishioka
[pdf] A Holographic Proof of Renyi Entropic Inequalities
Hirosi Ooguri
[pdf] Gravitational Positive Energy Theorems from Information Inequalities
Malcolm Perry
[pdf] Soft Hair on Black Holes
Vasily Pestun
[pdf] Moduli spaces, instantons, monopoles and Quantum Algebras
Silviu Pufu
[pdf] A one-dimensional theory for Higgs branch operators
Shlomo Razamat
[pdf] Spaces of N=1 superconformal theories
Soo-Jong Rey
[pdf] High Energy Behavior of Double Field Theory
Vladimir Rosenhaus
[pdf] Some aspects of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model
Slava Rychkov
[pdf] Hamiltonian truncation methods for strongly coupled RG flows
John Schwarz
[pdf] String Theory in the Twentieth Century
Nathan Seiberg
[pdf] A Duality Web in Three Dimensions and the Unity of Physics
Ashoke Sen
[pdf] Some applications of superstring field theory
Gary Shiu
[pdf] The Weak Gravity Conjecture and Cosmology
Eva Silverstein
[pdf] Massive non-Gaussian distribution
Wei Song
[pdf] Holographic entanglement entropy beyond AdS/CFT
Douglas Stanford
[pdf] The Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model and AdS_2
Andrew Strominger
[pdf] Soft Hair on Black Holes
James Sully
[pdf] The stereoscopic holographic dictionary
Tadashi Takayanagi
[pdf] Quantum Operations in CFTs and Holography
Meng-Chwan Tan
[pdf] Higher AGT Correspondences, W-algebras, and Higher Quantum Geometric Langlands Duality from M-Theory
Henry Tye
[pdf] Linking Dark Matter to Dark Energy in a String Theory Scenario
Angel Uranga
[pdf] Weak gravity conjecture and axion physics
Cumrun Vafa
[pdf] 6D SCFTs
Aron Wall
[pdf] Entropic focussing
Yifang Wang
[pdf] High Energy Physics in China
Congkao Wen
[pdf] Constraining effective actions via scattering amplitudes
Brian Willett
[pdf] 2d dualities from 3d dualities
Edward Witten
[pdf] A New Look At Integrable Lattice Models
Junbao Wu
[pdf] Novel BPS Wilson loops in quiver Chern-Simons-matter theories
Dan Xie
[pdf] Argyres-Douglas matter and new N=2 dualities
Wenbin Yan
[pdf] Superconformal index and BPS spectrum of Argyres-Douglas theories
Gang Yang
[pdf] Colour-Kinematics Duality at Five-Loop
Haitang Yang
[pdf] Tesytlin string, $O(D,D)$ and Seiberg-Witten map
Xi Yin
[pdf] (Super-)Conformal Bootstrap in 2D
Kazuya Yonekura
[pdf] Gauge interactions and topological phases of matter