A. Strominger
[pdf] Why Z_{BH} is Z_{top} squared
E. Witten
[pdf] Gauge Theory And The Geometric Langlands Program
C. Vafa
[pdf] String Landscape and the Swampland
D. Shih
[pdf] Dynamical Susy Breaking and Meta-Stable Vacua, part I
K. Intriligator
[pdf] Dynamical Susy Breaking and Meta-Stable Vacua, part II
H. Ooguri
[pdf] Landscape of Supersymmetry Breaking Vacua in Geometrically Realized Gauge Theories
X. Yin
[pdf] the M5-brane elliptic genus
J. Maldacena
[pdf] Giant Magnons
J. Feng
[pdf] Dark Matter and Supergravity
T. Eguchi
[pdf] Geometry of Calabi-Yau moduli space and Flux Vacua
R. Dijkgraaf
[pdf] Dualities and Topological Strings
E. Silverstein
[pdf] Black Holes as Catalytic Vacuum Converters
A. Sen
[pdf] New results from black hole entropy function
H. Verlinde
[pdf] Open Strings and Particle Physics
I. Klebanov
[pdf] Gauge/String Duality and D-brane Inflation
D. Tong
[pdf] Quantum Vortex Strings
A. Uranga
[pdf] Dynamical supersymmetry breaking from branes at singularities
Y. Nakayama
[pdf] Exactly solvable dynamics of rolling D-brane
B. Greene
[pdf] Transplanckian Physics and the CMB: A Status Report
M. Sheiki-Jabbari
[pdf] Tiny Graviton Matrix Theory, A Matrix Theory Formulation for DLCQ of String Theory on the AdS_5\times S^5
M. Aganagic
[pdf] Symmetry and the Topological String
H. Tye
[pdf] Brane Inflation : Searching for String Theory Signatures
M. Staudacher
[pdf] Integrability, Transcendentality, and the AdS/CFT Correspondence
K. Becker
[pdf] Anomaly cancellation and smooth non-kaehler solutions in heterotic string theory
A. Strominger
[pdf] From AdS3/CFT2 to Black Holes/Topological Strings
S. Minwalla
[pdf] Supersymmetric States in N=4 Yang Mills
M. Schnabl
[pdf] Analytic results in open string field theory
P.-M. Ho
[pdf] Infinite symmetries in the high energy limit
S. Kachru
[pdf] Supersymmetry breaking and its mediation, in string theory
D. Berenstein
[pdf] Emergent geometry: towards a proof of the AdS/CFT correspondence
L. Ibanez
S.-J. Rey
[pdf] Emergent Holography from Weakly Coupled CFTs
K.-F. Liu
[pdf] Localization and conjectures from string duality
M. Marino
[pdf] BPS states and the Enriques Calabi--Yau
N. Hitchin
[pdf] New aspects of generalized geometry
A. Kapustin
[pdf] Topological reduction of supersymmetric gauge theories and S-duality
J. McGreevy
[pdf] On the capture of runaway quivers
S. Gukov
[pdf] Surface Operators in Gauge Theory and Categorification
J. Gauntlett
[pdf] A new infinite class of supersymmetric AdS_3 solutions
Y.-L. Wu
[pdf] Three-Family Maximally Symmetric Minimal Unification Model in 10-Dimensional Space-Time
S. Mathur
[pdf] Two comments on black holes
M. Green
[pdf] Exploring the four-graviton effective action
F. Denef
[pdf] From OSV to OSV
R. Myers
[pdf] Holographic Theories with Fundamental Matter
M. Li
[pdf] Some observations concerning the weak gravity conjecture
D. Luest
[pdf] Branes, fluxes and black holes -- or how to select the correct string vacuum?
N. Nekrasov
[pdf] Beyond Morse Theory
E. Verlinde
[pdf] A Farey Tail for N=2 Black Holes
G. Horowitz
[pdf] The role of tachyons in black hole evaporation
R. Dijkgraaf
[pdf] Closing Remarks