M. Aganagic
[pdf] Knots, Mirror Symmetry and Large N Duality
F. Alday
[pdf] Mixed correlators in N=4 SYM
L. Anderson
[pdf] New Aspects of Heterotic Geometry and Phenomenology
I. Antoniadis
[pdf] Aspects of string phenomenology in the new LHC era
N. Arkani-Hamed
[pdf] Scattering Amplitudes and the Positive Grassmannian
C. Bachas
[pdf] AdS4/CFT3 and Gravity Localization
R. Bousso
[pdf] Black Holes and Firewalls
F. Cachazo
[pdf] Gravity in Twistor Space
J. Carrasco
[pdf] Generic multiloop methods for gauge and gravity scattering amplitudes, a guided tour with pedagogic aspiration
A. Castro
[pdf] Path integrals in 3D gravity
M. Cvetič
[pdf] Non-perturbative Effects in F-theory Compactifications
T. Dimofte
[pdf] Class R: A User's Guide
S. Dimopoulos
[pdf] What has the LHC done to Theory?
B. Freivogel
[pdf] Predictions from Eternal Inflation
M. Gaberdiel
[pdf] Minimal Model Holography
D. Gaiotto
[pdf] Domain walls and RG flows
C. Gomez
[pdf] Black holes as graviton condensates at the critical point of a quantum phase transition
D. Gross
[pdf] Outlook and Vision
J. Heckman
[pdf] Covariant Non-Commutative Geometry From String Theory
G. Horowitz
[pdf] Why General Relativity is like a High Temperature Superconductor
N. Iqbal
[pdf] Friedel oscillations and horizon charge in 1D holographic liquids
S. Kachru
[pdf] New Horizons in Finite Density Field Theory and String Theory
A. Karch
[pdf] Recent Applications of the Gauge/Gravity Correspondence to QCD and Condensed Matter Physics
Z. Komargodski
[pdf] Comments on the Renormalization Group and Diverse Applications
S. Kortner
[pdf] Status and latest results of the LHC
C. Kounnas
[pdf] Non-singular Superstring Cosmologies
J. Maldacena
[pdf] Constraining theories with higher spin symmetry
H. Nicolai
[pdf] Alternative approaches to quantum gravity: a brief survey
H.P. Nilles
[pdf] Heterotic supersymmetry: the legacy of D=10 and N=4
H. Ooguri
[pdf] Conference Summary
A. Polyakov
[pdf] Quantum Instability of the de Sitter space
E. Rabinovici
[pdf] (In) Stabilities and complementarity in AdS/CFT
L. Rastelli
[pdf] Bootstrapping the Superconformal Index
O. Schlotterer
[pdf] Hidden simplicity in superstring amplitudes
J. Schwarz
[pdf] Opening Lecture (I)
N. Seiberg
[pdf] Chern-Simons Contact Terms
E. Silverstein
[pdf] RG and unitarity in spacetime-dependent QFT
A. Strominger
[pdf] Progress in dS/CFT
A. Uranga
[pdf] Update on string phenomenology
C. Vafa
[pdf] Topological Strings and Their Diverse Applications
G. Veneziano
[pdf] Opening Lecture (II)
E. Witten
[pdf] Superstring Perturbation Theory Revisited
M. Yamazaki
[pdf] Networks, Quivers and 3-manifolds
X. Yin
[pdf] Higher Spin Holography
B. Zwiebach
[pdf] Glimpses of Double Field Theory Geometry
S. Massai
[pdf] Anti-D3's - Singular to the bitter end
D. Klevers
[pdf] Fluxes and Warping in F-Theory
K. Lee
[pdf] Ramond-Ramond Cohomology and O(D,D) T-duality
P. Patalong
[pdf] Non-geometric fluxes in higher dimensions
A. Deser
[pdf] In a hurry to non-associative structures
M. Huang
[pdf] Refined topological string
A. Lipstein
[pdf] Scattering Amplitudes in Three Dimensions
A. Puhm
[pdf] Metastable Fuzzballs
D. Harlow
[pdf] The Wave Function of the Universe in Higher Spin Gravity
A. Gnecchi
[pdf] Duality invariance for black holes in N=2 gauged Supergravity
P. Sulkowski
[pdf] Super-A-polynomial
E. Hatefi
[pdf] All-order α' corrections to BPS/non-BPS brane world volume theories