Transparencies and video recordings

☕️: talks for non-specialists; ⭐️:review talks

[video 1] [video 2] [video 3] [video 4] ⭐️Lectures on anomalies
Lectures, TASI, June, 2019. For details, see here.
[pdf] Maxwell 理論の量子異常について
第七回統計物理懇談会, 学習院, March 6, 2019
[pdf] ☕ Mathematics of QFT, by QFT, for QFT
Seminar at Tsukuba University, October 18, 2018
English version of the talk immediately below.
[pdf] [video] ☕ 場の量子論の場の量子論による場の量子論のための数学
日本数学会2018年度秋季総合分科会総合講演, 岡山大学, September 25, 2018.
[pdf] [video] ☕ ある場の量子論屋のみた数学
京都大学大学院 理学研究科 MACS 教育プログラム 第4回 MACSコロキウム, April 27, 2018
[video 1] [video 2] [video 3] [video 4] ⭐️Topological Phases and Relativistic QFTs
Lectures, CERN Winter School, February, 2018. For details, see here.
[pdf] [video] ☕ What is Quantum Field Theory?
IPMU 10th anniversary workshop, October 17, 2017
[pdf] [video] Time-reversal anomaly of 2+1d topological phases
Strings 2017, Tel Aviv, June 26, 2017
[pdf] ⭐️Quantum Anomalies, Old and New
KMI Colloquium, Nagoya, March 22, 2017
[pdf] ☕️量子重力の現状
コロキウム, Hongo, December, 2016
(途中重力の量子補正で Donoghue 1995 を引用したが、Donoghue et al. 2002 で修正されているので注意のこと。)
[pdf] [video] On 4d N=3 theories
JHS75, Caltech, November, 2016
The scientific content is a subset of the MIT talk below.
[video] ☕️場の量子論の数学と二次元四次元対応
第67回「数学との遭遇」, 中央大, 10月, 2016
[pdf] [video] On the time-reversal anomaly of 2+1d TQFTs
Natifest, IAS, September, 2016
[pdf] Recent developments in 4d N=3 theories
MIT, June, 2016
[pdf] ☕️Supersymmetry: an idea connecting Physics and Mathematics
Biennial meeting of Kavli Institutes, NYC, June, 2016
Aimed at scientists who are not physicists. I am not sure how successful I was. The version really used at the meeting was more abbreviated.
[pdf] ⭐️6d SCFTs and F-theory: a bottom-up perspective
"F-theory at 20", Caltech, February, 2016
[pdf] ☕️What is the correct framework for Quantum Field Theories?
an internal introductory talk, IPMU, January, 2016
[pdf] On fractional M5 branes and frozen singularities
KIAS-YITP workshop, KIAS, September, 2015.
The version available here is not the final abbreviated version used in the actual talk, which was shorter than I expected.
[pdf] ☕️Mathematical Accidents and String Theory
an internal colloquium-like talk, IPMU, September, 2015.
The actual title was different, but what's written above describes the content more appropriately.
[video 1] [video 2] [video 3] [video 4] ⭐S-dualities in 4d N=2 supersymmetric theories
Trieste Spring School, March, 2015. For details, see here.
[pdf] ☕️Confinement and the Witten index
Kyoto Prize workshop, Kyoto, November, 2014
[pdf] On 6d SCFTs
Symposium Ahrenshoop, Berlin, August, 2014
[pdf] ☕️Comments on SUSY Quantum Field Theories
Group 30, Universiteit Gent, July, 2014
[pdf] [video] ⭐️Recent Advances in SUSY
Strings 2014, Princeton University, June, 2014
video ⭐ランダム行列の半円則について
研究室紹介, U. Tokyo, May, 2014
[video] Introduction to 4d SUSY QFTs with no known Lagrangians
Internal Talk, U. Tokyo, December, 2013
[video] On lines in class-S theories and in q-deformed Yang-Mills
Beach talk, Simons Summer Workshop, August, 2013
[pdf] Supersymmetric dynamics with strongly-coupled ingredients
Nagoya University, April, 2013
[pdf] Yet another duality for N=1 SQCD
IAS, March, 2013
[pdf] [video] ☕️数学と超対称ゲージ理論
Kyushu University, September, 2012
[pdf] On 4-dimensional defects of 6d N=(2,0) theory
Osaka City University, April, 2012
[pdf] ⭐️On "6=4+2"
Rikkyo University, February, 2012
[pdf] On S-duality of 5d SYM on S1
Yukawa Institute, January, 2011
[pdf] [video] On 2d TQFTs whose values are hyperkähler manifolds
String-Math 2011, University of Pennsylvania, June, 2011
[pdf] ⭐️Instantons and W-algebras
Université libre de Bruxelles, May, 2011
[pdf] 4d SYM on graphs and 3d mirror symmetry
IHÉS, May, 2011
[pdf] [video] More S-dualities from Outer-automorphism twists
Rutgers, Oct, 2010
[video 1] [video 2] ⭐Liouville Correlation Functions from Four-dimensional Gauge Theories
Review talk, KITP, August, 2010
[video 1] [video 2] ⭐The works of Argyres and Seiberg
Review talk, KITP, August, 2010
[video] Instantons and conformal blocks
Seminar, Perimeter Institute, April, 2010
[video] 2d CFTs from 4d N=2 gauge theories
Annual Strings Conference, Texas A&M University, March, 2010
[pdf] M5-branes, 4d gauge theory and 2d CFT
Caltech, Feb, 2010 (similar to the one below, but emphasizes different points)
[pdf] N=2 S-duality and M5-branes
MIT, Nov, 2009
[pdf] Some illustrative examples of Gaiotto duality
U. Kentucky, Jul, 2009
[video] Recent developments in 4d N=2 SCFTs
Seminar, Rutgers, March, 2009
[pdf] Argyres-Seiberg duality and the Higgs branch
IPMU, Dec, 2008
[video] Story of a & c
Seminar, Perimeter Institute, December, 2008
[video] ⭐Introduction to String Theory
Review talk, Perimeter Institute, December, 2008
[pdf] A counterexample to the `a-theorem'
IAS, Nov, 2008
[pdf] Comments on the non-relativistic AdS/CFT
Michigan, Sep, 2008
[pdf] Classification of N=6 theories of ABJM type
McGill, Sep, 2008
[pdf] New Developments in d=4, N=2 SCFTs
Harvard, May, 2008
[pdf] How does the near-horizon geometry of black rings encode its charges?
Yukawa institute, Sep, 2007
[pdf] Rigid Limit in N=2 Supergravity and Weak-gravity Conjecture
DAMTP, June, 2007
[pdf] Curvature-Squared Terms in 5d Supergravity and AdS/CFT correspondence
IAS, Feb, 2007
[pdf] Black Hole Entropy in the presence of Chern-Simons terms
Yukawa Inst., Dec, 2006
[pdf] AdS/CFT correspondence with Eight Supercharges
PhD Thesis Defense, June, 2006
[pdf] Distribution of Vacua in Calabi-Yau Compactification
U. Tokyo astrophysics group, March 2006
[pdf] Triangle Anomalies from Einstein Manifolds
Princeton, December 2005
[pdf] 5d supergravity dual of a-maximization
Caltech, October 2005
[pdf] E,F,G of instantons
Spring Meeting of the JPS, March 2005
[pdf] ⭐️Moduli Fixing and the Statistics of Vacua
Chuo Univ., a short review talk, January 2005
[pdf] Vacuum Counting in Two-parameter models
Kouchi Univ., Autumnal Meeting of the JPS, September 2004
[pdf] 5d CS terms and Nekrasov's Instanton Counting
KEK, seminar, August 2004
[pdf] N=4 SYM and Integrability
Univ. Tokyo, Hongo, Journal Club, May 2004
[pdf] 5d CS terms and Nekrasov's Instanton Counting
Kyushu Univ., Spring Meeting of the JPS, March 2004
[pdf] Derivation of the Intriligator-Leigh-Seiberg linearity principle from Dijkgraaf-Vafa
Tsukuba U., December 2002